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As a Postdoctoral Fellow and Data Scientist in the Human Diversity Lab at Princeton University, I'm interested in how people navigate the complex social world - including how we enact and are influenced by bias and inequity. In my research, I study mental representations of social categories and social networks, with an eye to how people's life experiences and sense of self inform their social cognitive processing. My work integrates experimental, survey-based, qualitative, and computational methods. I also take a meta-scientific approach, recognizing that the production of knowledge via science reflects the perspectives and interpretations of those doing the work. Proud graduate of the Mosaic and Social Cognition labs at Northwestern University. 

Check out the links above and below to see some of my past and current research projects. 

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Research Areas


Mental Representation of Social Categories

Social Network Cognition

The Effect of Real-World Events on Social Cognition

Selected Publications

Clashing norms – The role of network structure and initial group norm distribution in norm conflict

Kohne, J., Gallagher, N., Kirgil, Z.M., Paolillo, R., Padmos, L., & Karimi, F. (2020). In E. Deutschmann, J. Lorenz, L.G. Nardin, D. Natalini, & A.F.X. Wilhelm (Eds.) Computational Conflict Research. Springer Nature. (PDF)

Should social scientists be distanced from or engaged with the people they study?

Nzinga, K., Rapp, D.N., Leatherwood, C., Easterday, M., Rogers, L.O., Gallagher, N., & Medin, D. (2018) Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. (PDF)

Understanding racial differences in appraising microaggressions through cultural consensus modeling

Michaels, T., Gallagher, N., Crawford, M., Kanter, J., & Williams, M. (2018). The Behavior Therapist. (PDF)

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